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SE Bikes

SE Bikes at Bicycle Depot

SE Bikes was founded in 1977 and after 35+ years is still going strong. SE continues to produce innovative, market-changing bikes such as the PK Ripper Elite XL, the Primetime and the Heavy Hitter. SE never looses sight of their roots and produces the Retro line of bikes which mixes classic old-school looks with modern-day geometry. 

Bicycle Depot of Arizona is an SE Bikes dealer - we carry some models in stock - others are just a few days away. Come into Bicycle Depot and take an SE for a spin!


Free Agent BMX Bikes

Free Agent Bmx Bikes at Bicycle Depot

Free Agent BMX, a division of KHS Bicycles Inc. manufactures full lines of both freestyle and race BMX bicycles. With the Street, Park, Trail and Youth series Free Agent has a bike for any rider– beginner to pro. You’ll catch sponsored pro TJ Ellis, Heath Pinter, Brett Walker, Mike Dies and Tyler Rosen throwin’ down. On the race side, Free Agent offers a complete Team line from Micro to Limo, as well as a BMX-Race Series for riders of every level. Free Agent is proud to have assembled the 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 World Championship Team comprised of amateur and professional racers including Olympic Gold Medalist and 2-time and reigning World Champion Maris Strombergs, 3-time World Champion Kyle Bennett, 2-time World Champion Dale Holmes, 10-time Argentinian Champion Cristian Becerine and other riders around the world. 

Come into Bicycle Depot of Arizona and check out our selection of Free Agent Bikes.

Free Agent BMX Bikes at Bicycle Depot